We live in a small town called Motala,100km north of Jönköping. I,Annette and my husband Anders together have a small family kennel. For the moment we have Yaya, Iza two Schapendoes female, and Hexa who is a part of our family.

The breeding is in a small scale and our goal  is to breed dogs that are healthy, typical for the breed and have the special it.  We aim for you to get the dog that is best for you, considering what you want to do.

Our puppies grows up in the house and are out on a lot of adventures before leaving us.

1980 we bought our first dog, a Golden Retriever named Kimbo. Together with him we did a lot of obedience; he was an easy learner, but a handful together with other dogs.  

Our second Golden Retriever came to us 1987 and we named him Ruff. Now we could get serious in obedience classes. Anders came as far as to the elite group. I was the one who took him the dog shows. He was really a good-tempered dog.

Frida was our first Briard, we got her 1989.  We started early to compete. She was doing well in shows, as well in obedience and tracking.
Frida became Swedish Show Champion and left three litters.

Kayo, a daughter out of Frida was born 1995. She was an excellent female, and among other she also became Swedish Show Champion, she evan became a armydog.

From Flying Rugs Kennel we bought a fawn-coloured male. Nico became SUCH, NUCH and IntUCH also compited in obedience and track. Nico were a armydag.

1999 we kept a female from our P-litter and called her Pepsi

Both Anders and I have been very active in Vadstena Brukshundsklubb. I have been on the committee of both competition and show. We have both been training and competed in higher classes since the beginning of the -80’s. Now we have turned more into agility, a perfect event for dogs as Schapendoes.

2003 we decided to switch breed from Briard into Schapendoes. Schapendoes origin from Holland and is a shepherd dog.
They are very similar breeds
to the look but Schapendoes are smaller. All colours are allowed.

After a long time of waiting we finally got our little girl, Yaya, from Mc Marra’s Kennel. She is a wonderful being, always full of positivism and has the joy of living. Her tail is always in the swing and can not be still for one second. There is a lot of go in her and we are training agility.

2007 We had our first Schapendoes litter, it became 5 puppies in this litter.
One of the puppy stayed with us and her name is Iza.

In 2008 our second schapendoes litter were born, it became 4 boys and 2 girls.

Iza has been at some dogshows and she has doing it very well, 2 cac and best bitch only 14 mounth old.

Our third litter were born 23/12-2009 and it became 4 boys and 4 girls.

Our fourth litter was born 2/3-2011 and where we kept a bitch at home Chappers Cara Mia  and a male with retained breeding rights Chappers Cotton Eye Joe.

Our fifth litter was born 18/12-2013 and they are still small but the bitch keeps
with us.

Even though we love to work with our dogs and show them in the ring, it is the forests or together on the couch we like it the most.
Our dogs is ours pals.